French Craft Beers UK

City: Bordeaux (Gironde)

Question (often asked): how our beers are different from the others? Answer (Paul & Vincent): a beer is like a baguette, there are  thousands, some good ones and … very good ones. The only difference is the baker’s love for his bread.

Azimut Brasserie creates recipes inspired from every style and every country, guided by the taste and the pleasure provided drinking them. They explore beers “tout azimut” (from all angles) in the spirit of the architecte Mies van der Rohe: Less is more.

Original, simple, generously drinkable and surprising, they like to provide sessionable beers to drink in pint or pair with your meals.

These craft beer navigators will take you on board of the Beer Exploration Cruise for a journey full of wonder and surprises.

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