Lyon Bière Festival 2019

My liver is well on its way to recovery now, so I feel it’s time to share with you just what us lot got up to a little over a week ago. Being the French beer enthusiasts that we are, it was only right that we showed our faces at France’s biggest beer festival.

Lyon Bière Festival takes place on 27th and 28th April, with 2019 being its fourth year running. Hosted at La Sucrière, a contemporary arts event space that was cleared out specially for the occasion, you’ll find yourself surrounded by abstract and modern architecture, as well as being pleasantly aligned with the Saône river just outside. It didn’t make for a bad view, as we stuffed our faces with the toasties, burgers and pizza that the food trucks had brought along to the festival.

Upon entry, we were given our souvenir festival glass, and were overwhelmed to see such an impressive turn out. We heard figures being quoted of over 12,000 people in attendance over the 2 days, and with us arriving at what was probably peak time, we found ourselves right in the middle of the action. French breweries dominated the festival as you can imagine, however the Danes, Americans, English, Irish, Spanish, and a lot of our other European friends also joined the mix.

Once we ticked off the must-drink-from breweries, we got stuck in to the rest of the 120+ strong line-up. It was good to see up-and-coming names rubbing shoulders with the more established brewers, which we hope will result in a few collabs coming our way over the next year.

As the night powered on, the crowd began to thin, and we took our opportunity to go and say a personal bonsoir to the brewers we work with. For me, it was great to put a face to the names that I’d been hearing so much about, and I was lucky to be in the position that I was, as they were all too excited to get some beer my way.

With the night winding down, we decided to finish it off with one more of each of our favourite beers of the day – Azimut’s Vanilla Milkshake IPA, and Gallia Paris’ East IPA, which was very much the star of the show.

Morning came, and we dragged ourselves out the house for another day, on the assurance that those beers were waiting for us. I needed that taste of a sweet, sweet Finback. And once I had that first sip, I was ready to go again. This Sunday was a lot more laid back, and gave us more time to talk to new breweries that performed the evening before, ones that we were keen on getting involved with. Those that we had already introduced ourselves to were pleased to see us again, catching our eye and having a glass ready for us.

The weekend was fantastic. Since I was last there a couple of years ago, it’s amazing to see how much the buzz for craft beer has exploded. There’s real excitement and a yearn to make the best beer possible, and share it with as many folks as possible. So it only makes sense for us to do right by that, and get them over here for you to try ASAP. Keep your eye out for new breweries and new beers that become available, as well as restocks of our favourites.

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