Brasserie De Pleine Lune

City: Valence (Drôme)

The brewery opened its doors in 2011with Benoit, who was brewing 4 recipes in kegs and bottles. He jumped on a new challenge in 2014, brewing a range of certified organic beers (Agriculture Biologique) in their freshly delivered premises.

Nowadays, the brewery counts 7 minds to deliver some organic beverages that will leave a question mark above your head. How do they manage to brew some organic, locally sourced  beers (as much as they can) that tastes so good? The answer to this intrigue is simple. They know their skills and use them to surprise the craft beer drinkers through finely elaborated recipes and innovation. Start with their hoppy lagers (Lager des Etoiles, or Gens de Lune for example), and let yourself carried away into the rest of their range to achieve understanding.

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