Hoppin’ Rabbit

When we started our journey, even we were skeptical.

The great Wine producing nation, daring to venture into a new industry, one so potent in our little island off their western shores? Surely not.

Yet, the whispers in the bistros led us down a rabbit hole of interest. Over the course of a year, we traveled to medieval towns and rural farmlands on the hunt for what was spoken of in such a hushed tone. There was a revolution happening (as there always seems to be in France, Vive la so and so…) – the French were trying their hand at beer.

Millennia of alcohol expertise, the connection to the land and what grows upon it, and the unrivaled commitment to regional produce – These 3 things now enthuse a brewing scene that is fermenting rapidly.

Hop-forward IPAs, roasted-caramel Brown Ales, summer-blonde Belgians, noir-Stouts. These are the pantones of beer that the scene built itself upon. But that wasn’t enough. It never has been. Not for us, and not for the French.

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They’re young in their trade, which brings a fiery passion and excitement to the world of brewing. They experiment, they refine, they perfect. The result is something familiar, yet tantalizingly fascinating.

From one-man nano-breweries to award-winning, shiny new microbreweries, the French have something special destined for Dover. Freshness is guaranteed, through our temperature controlled warehousing that feeds into a cold-chain, straight to your door.

This is the big-bang of French craft brewing. And it’s all yours to taste.

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